Essay On Life Care Planning

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Nurse life care planning is defined as the protection, promotion and optimization of health and abilities for individual and families affected by catastrophic injuries or chronic and complex health conditions (Nursing World). Focus on life care plan development is based on nursing assessment and collaboration with patient, family community, physician, rehabilitation specialists, case managers, social workers and others called health personnel (Powell). A well-qualified life care planner with proper training and experience is able to address future needs of the patient (Muller). It is a useful tool to educate the patient and family as well as provide guidance . All the health professionals work together to improve patient’s outcome. The five categories of life care planning assessment include diagnosis, outcome identification, planning, implementation and evaluation (
A nurse life care planner collects comprehensive data about patient’s physical, functional, psychosocial, emotional, cognitive, sexual, cultural, environmental, and socioeconomic status (Nursing World). Medical record and patients and family are god
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During this phase the life care planner organize all the analyzed data and collaborate with all the health care professionals for the current and future needs of the client. The major challenge during this phase is patients have change in health condition, which may require change in diagnosis and use of more resources. Professionals involved in life care planning must have knowledge about all the available community resources and must be creative in the development of life care plan (Powell). Based on the comprehensive assessment and diagnosis the nurse life care planner sets measureable and achievable short and long-term goals for the patient (Nursing

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