Personal Narrative: Helicopter Parents

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Parents all have different ways of how they want their children to grow up. My mom would want me to solve my own problems and be capable of being independent. When I was little, I spilled juice on the floor, instead of my mom saying that it was okay, she told me to clean it up. At a young age, there were things that I had to do on my own. Parents should step back as their children grow and not be a helicopter parent. Though every child is raised differently, the important factors are that your child is successful, happy, and supported.

“But happiness as a goal is a recipe for disaster.”, said Lori. Every parent wants to see their child happy, but if you keep wanting them to be happy, what is going to happen once they grow up? The children
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I grew up learning and doing my own things from time to time. As the eldest child, I am a parent to my little sister, she learns and looks up to me. When my mom is not there I see my sister behaviors and attitudes that my mom does not see. I am there for my sister when she needs me. There are some parents that were latchkey kids and are now helicopter parents. Latchkey kids grow up having the freedom of staying home alone at a young age. They get to learn what it is to be independent and being able to be a grown up. Once they are all grown up and have children they become scared to let their children have freedom. Parents are afraid to let their children go for a bike ride at the park because they do not want anything happening to them. From being a latchkey kid to a helicopter parent they realized back then they had the freedom, but now parents have to be careful with everything their child does. As parents grow up and realize what is happening in the world they tend to coddle their child and raise them to be safe. In the article, “Why I love my strict Chinese mom” by Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld, in her perspective, she talks about how she was treated as a child’s point of view. Her mom pushed her to be the best and succeed in life, every child wants to be good at something. Sometimes, parents push their children to be the best and other times the parents go a little too far when you have to succeed in this one thing. Sophia also said that once in a while, their mom let them have fun for a little bit. “ So, you worked as hard as you could. It doesn’t matter how you do.”, because in the end it does not matter they messed up or could have done better. It matters that they had fun and next time they will do better. We all are raised differently with various cultures and we either have to follow them or

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