The Importance Of A Near Death

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One day you’re binge watching Netflix, the next you’re dead. No one knows when they are going to die and sometimes accidents just happen; we can’t do anything about it. But sometimes those accidents that should have taken a life don’t. A near death experience is something one will never forget, something one will never walk away from the same, and something that could have easily been one’s last experience. I will never forget the day I was buried alive. As I stepped out of the ground I knew instantly I was never going to be the same, and that that one decision could have been my last. I am very lucky not only to be alive, but also to have learned from an event I hope others never have to suffer. The encounter gave me a mindset that is useful …show more content…
My dad spoke with a calm tone now, “Try pulling your legs out.” He hadn’t said much since he had started digging, just the once to tell my dog to get away. I tried but couldn’t pull them free, so he continued to dig a few minutes later telling me to try again. This time I was able to pull out. I was free. I hobbled out of what used to be a trench, and as I set foot out of it, I saw my mom. She had not known any of this had happened. She asked me why I looked so rough, and as I looked up I felt the tears forming in my eyes. How could I tell my own mother that her baby had almost died? How would my death have impacted the lives of the ones I love? I clearly remember my dad’s words to her, “He’s lucky to be alive.” Those words filled me with so much anger because he said it as if it was all my fault, as if I should have known better, as if I should have expected the wall to cave in. But I realize now his anger was not at me, but at himself for failing to keep his son safe. One can only imagine what must have been going through his mind the entire time. My mom hugged me and I knew she wasn’t letting go anytime soon. I felt more love in that embrace than I ever had before. I meant everything to them, and I was safe. I was

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