The Importance Of Nature Life

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The family I come from is a typical Chinese family which both parents are engaging in physical labor job. My mother is a waitress at a Chinese restaurant who goes out in the morning and come back at late night. My father is a carpenter who has a well pay. Same as other parents, my parents always tell me to work hard in school and find a comfortable job with high salary after college. However, I am not the type of person who wants to be trapped in the stuffy office dealing with boring paperwork. I am the person who wants to explore the wild nature, the person who wants to be the guitarist in a band. Everything about nature life, Environmental
Science, Punk and Rock music, and computer, I am more than welcome to learn. I once hoped
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It was a study of our planet
Earth and human 's engagement in nature. On the first day of class, out teacher Mr. Kim told us not to just come in and copy notes, but to really think about the problem. "The more you think, the better you are," he said. Although he was not the first one who said that, but he was the one that made me noticed there were no stupid people, only lazy people before "Brainology." The reason I believed him was because I failed the first two tests in his class, and he told me
"as long as you worked hard, you would not flunk this class." Since that, whenever the test was coming, he would help students like me to prepare for the challenge. Surely, my score went up.
He changed me to growth mindset by giving me this experience. He was a really nice and responsible teacher, unlike Mr. Lee, my Calculus teacher. He always embarrassed me by asking question that I had no clue on it since I was not good at math. Therefore, I never asked any question in class to draw his attention. Sometime when I was late, I would rather to stay down stair and not to show up in class because he would use an alternative way to make me

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