Essay On Being Brave

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Ever try to be brave to impress others but sometimes end up impressing yourself? Usually we act brave or convince ourselves that we are brave because we have to. More often than not we are terrified on the inside and instead of showing our fears and weakness we hide behind these barriers that are courage we can sometimes benefit from this because it's what makes us stand up tall and face our fears because without fear there is no bravery in the stories “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Bryan and “Redeployment" by _________ talk about multiple things but something that caught my attention was that how no matter how every character in each scenario thought they were there was always that weakness inside of them that pulled them back a bit …show more content…
He realized that he made a mistake letting his men camp on the dangerous riverbank. Because of this decision that Jimmy cross made one of the members of the platoon dies. Feeling like Kiowa’s death was his fault he decides to write a letter to Kiowa's father and explain what happened, as he is remembering what happened that they when they go look for his lost body he remembers the smell, how terrifying and disgusting it was to walk through shit. He says how being courageous can easily transition into cowardness. something miniscule like walking through this field can change a man's thinking and actions. ”Sometimes, like that night in the shit field, the difference between courage and cowardice was something small and stupid. The way the earth bubbled. And the smell.” (94) It's kind of crazy to think that the difference between courage and cowardice could be something small. We usually think of the difference was a great one, that they were nothing alike, there are heroes, and there are weaklings. But Bowker says that something as simple as a smell can turn a hero into a coward. It's terrifying how something so small could change a persons way of feeling and acting, so no matter how brave someone is there will always be that tiny thing that can pull them back into the

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