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This portfolio in the making for the past 8 weeks has really shown me that my voice is both unique yet very narrow in creativity. The way I look at my past writings tells me that I am into one large open genre: Fantasy. I feel that stories like these are influenced by other stories or games. For example my “Tale” story was going to turn out as a twisted version of “Alice in Wonderland” series, but due to the lack of time and struggles of giving the meaning behind the story it was shortened to just one bit. Both of those pieces so far have definitely been leaning towards that category of fantasy; however I hope to be able to reach to another type of story that is beyond my normal voice when it comes to writing. I even have a story lined up and …show more content…
The strongest and most prominent story in this portfolio that demonstrates my writing so far is my “tale” exercise. It’s the piece I have worked on the most and had the most work done on it by other piers. It’s also the base of my other stories such as the “Render a tree capture a forest” exercise. Yet when I look at it I go crazy. Even though I am at a point in which I could end the story to me I just got to the part that starts explaining the world that I wanted to share. The lead up is great, but it’s not a finished piece. And I honestly don’t know if I will ever be able to finish it. I feel that this is in part because I get nervous sharing my thoughts and perspectives on different elements. I want to be able to share them, but I feel uncomfortable sharing because of my fear of being judged on my work. Not just grammatically or structurally, but meaning-ness and their debatable ideas. When it comes to trying to resolve them I just keep the rest of the story in the back of my mind. Yet I instead pull my hair out because I can’t finish work like …show more content…
This is clearly shown if my first exercise “I don’t know why I remember”. That story in particular is a recreation of a League of Legends game that I played, but over exaggerated. Not only was it a lot of fun to write but my writing flew from one page to the next so quickly. That’s one of my biggest strengths and yet biggest weaknesses. Like a double edge sword: If I have a topic that I can easily refer to and have fun writing then it can be done in a timely manner and with a great flow, but give me a topic or start that I have to follow and do, then I slow down to a slug level and hit my head on the wall for every sentence I have to

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