The Importance Of My Passion For Environmentalism

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Shortly before commencing my junior year in high school, I was faced with the arduous decision of selecting my IB subjects. I had to make a choice of which social science I would take. With strong persuasion, my brother urged I take economics which was a course that seemed very foreign to me. Whilst learning the IB economics curriculum, I began to realise how significant the economic implications of climate change are which was crucial for further development of my passion for environmentalism.
The climate has a vast influence on the quality of our daily lives. Earth’s atmosphere forms a thin layer which heats and protects the planet from solar radiation. Gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, known as greenhouse gases rest
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The world’s global population has significantly increased over the past few years. Hence, there is an increasing supply and demand for certain goods. The supply of water can become largely depleted as some countries across Asia have large rivers that provide people drinking water. There are 500 million people who are dependent on local water rivers. These rivers rely on regional rainfall. Therefore climate change can impact these resources with extreme weather patterns, which will decrease the supply of water for people that is so crucial and significant towards their life. Moreover, with the ongoing problem of climate change due to the release of greenhouse gases, food supply is becoming more expensive and scarce. Agriculture requires large, open, rural areas to produce crop yields. The production of food, especially in agriculture is largely dependent on factors such as sunshine, and temperature. Climate change is a large contributor towards extreme weather patterns such as droughts and floods. Such natural disasters destroy agriculture, making it more difficult to produce crops for farmers. This is significant as agricultural farming becomes more problematic and expensive to produce food. As a result, farmers increase the prices of food which can harm people who earn a lower income and may not be able to afford to consume as much food. Not only does climate change impact farmers, businesses are also …show more content…
It is a global issue in which all countries must combine and work together to diminish the detrimental impacts of climate change. Many organisations and countries have so far had attempts in combining many countries with each other to establish different treaties such as the Kyoto protocol or the Montreal protocol to minimise the use of greenhouse gases. However, these efforts must further increase to make a more significant impact on preventing climate

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