The Importance Of My Mother's Influence In My Life

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My mom once said “You can do anything if you have the right mind set.” Her inspirational words encourage me to further my career pathways and education. She also helped with my confidence and told me that I need to believe in myself that I can do it. My mom has been the biggest influence in my life. She has been with me through tough and good times. I always come to her about anything going on in my life. She encourages me to overcome my fears and obstacles. She has influenced me to be the person I have become.
On a bright sunny day, my mom and I were sitting on the porch with a cup of iced tea. The breeze felt nice rolling through our hair as we propped our legs up in the chairs. The feel of relaxation filled in the air. My mom said “I need
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I was trying out for the academic team. My mom was proud of me for even trying out for it. I didn’t have confidence in myself because I didn’t think I was smart as the other kids in my grade. I thought they were super smart and I’m just there wishing I was as smart as them. My mom was taking me to the school to the tryouts. I was so nervous I felt like I was going to get sick in the car. My mom pulled up by the school and told me she seen other kids studying in the car before tryouts. I was the type of person who didn’t study at all and wasn’t prepared at all. I told my mom, I didn’t want to tryout and wanted to go back home. My mom said “Selena you can do it.” I told myself I couldn’t do it when I need to have confidence in myself. I finally got out of the car and went into school. While I was getting out of the car my mom said “Good luck, you can do it”. My confidence boosted up like a rocket flying up in the air. We had to take a test for tryouts and whoever had the highest grade would be on the academic team. I finally finished the test and I didn’t feel good about it. I finally go back into the car and my mom asked how I did. I told her that I did alright on the test but didn’t feel too well if I would make the academic team. As we were driving to Wendy’s, she told me that I need to have confidence in myself. I took her advice and then I told her maybe I did good on the test. The next day the results were posted. My mom was right there with me looking on the computer. She said “Take a deep breath, I know you made the team”. I looked on the computer there my name was. I was speechless when I see my name on the rooster. I couldn’t believe it. I was jumping off the walls when I found out about me making the team. My mom always encouraged me to do well in school and have confidence that I will do good. She always told me the more confidence you have in yourself, you will be successful in what you

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