The Importance Of My Life

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At the age of 16, I understood completely this whole idea called life. I was independent as ever, working full time, had a car of my own, and assumed that was all there was to responsibility. If you asked my mom to characterize me in a few words, she would tell you that I am stubborn but money motivated. I was able to accomplish anything if I truly put my mind to it. Unfortunately, the entire foundation I had attempted to establish at a young, but fragile age, was about to be ripped out from underneath me.

As a sophomore in high school, life’s first significant milestone is reached. I turned sixteen within the first month and a half of the school year, and already had set up my driving test in Carrolton. My mom bought me my first
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I needed help, and Dr. Chandler was the only ‘crazy doctor’ that appealed to me. He was a former youth pastor, which was a positive for me since I am a Christian, and he specialized in teenage depression. Our first visits during the summer were spent getting to know each other. I briefed him on the situation that was at hand, but had no desire to dig in to that whole ordeal. The pain was still immense and seemingly becoming more intense as the days passed by, however, Dr. Chandler handled it in exemplary fashion. Some weeks, we would play putt-putt in his office with coffee mugs, laughing and talking lightly about life. He would make me smile again, and laugh that deep bellowing laugh that seemed to go extinct when Allie left. The depression ravaged my mind the minute our one hour was over, but I could guarantee a one-hour time frame every Tuesday would brighten my day. It is safe to say, I would not have been able to push through this difficult circumstance in my life, without the help and guidance of Dr. …show more content…
I used the excuse of heart break to enter into a life of drugs and alcohol. The depression became too much and the drugs did exactly what they were intended to do. The drugs made me forget any hurtful memory and blocked any reasonable coping skills I could have used to move past this bump in the road. I was able to manipulate all of my family members and Dr. Chandler by consistently speaking on how “dead” I felt inside. My behavioral changes were an easy indicator as to what I was really doing when I would go to friends’ houses, but as the boy cried wolf, I cried depression. Yes, I was still very depressed about losing Allie, and I still cried many tears through the nights, but I was more worried about being caught by my parents and family. The combination of heartbreak and drug use became an intertwining life choice for me. After nearly two years of the same thing, it became apparent to myself and definitely to my family members, I was facing a much larger issue. My grades were consistently A’s and B’s throughout my school career, but in the aftermath of losing my first love, I fell apart academically. I failed two different classes my junior year, was charged with truancy, and became extremely anti-social. The pain I felt in my heart was never given the chance to heal itself. Instead of using any of the coping skills Dr. Chandler relayed to me on our Tuesday visits, I chose to

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