The Importance Of My Life

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I grew up with two full time working parents and so I never had a taste of life of a “stay at home mom” until now. My parents place a high value on education and so I grew up with the understanding that I had to be successful in school. I went to the local public grade school until I reached high school. Then I applied and was accepted into a private all girls Catholic school 25 miles from home. That is where I was taught unforgettable lessons on life, women, friendships, faith among other things. Next up was Arizona State University. I wanted a change from the small Catholic school feeling. Once I got there, I was waiting for that moment where I would know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, what to study, what my passion was. But it just wasn’t there yet. I joined a sorority and felt accepted. I had oodles of …show more content…
Often a child’s struggle with reading, writing and language glides under the radar just enough to pass school. The child may do okay in Kindergarten through second grade and pass…just barely. By third grade, they likely hit a wall. There are state exams, complex books, less picture-books, longer spelling tests and it just gets harder from there. They probably hate going to school, are getting teased and dread being called on to read aloud in class. This is happening more often than anyone may think and these children need additional resources. I realize now that if I hadn’t been home during this critical time for our family, we would not be where we are now. I wouldn’t be as aware and hands on and my daughter would be struggling. I am not suggesting that working mothers can’t be aware of things and notice when there is a problem. Believe me, I was a working mom for six years, I have been on both sides of the fences and respect both. I am stating that for me, our family and my daughter, I wouldn’t have been so persistent or such a strong advocate if I was working too. That’s just

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