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The first area of strength I exhibit that is related to my field of employment is my intelligence. Because I believe that education is the key to successful life, I ensure that my education is my top priority. For this reason, I have completed my first year of college with the honor of being on the President’s List for maintaining my 4.0 GPA. One way my intelligence is demonstrated from a past experience is through my academic achievements in high school. For instance, during my freshman year in high school, I received an Academic Award of Excellence from the Math department in my school. The purpose of this award was to recognize a student in my high school who had the highest grade in each department such as Math, English, Science, and History.
In addition to the Academic Award of Excellence, I was also invited to join several merit based organization. The first organization was the National Society of High School Scholars, an organization whose primary goal is to recognize academic excellence and help advance the goals of high schools
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This past year, I complete my first year of college with a total of 64 credit hours. During my high school years, I managed to complete dual-enrollment credits in order for me to graduate college earlier. As a result of my decisions in high school, I continued to strive for above the minimum that is required, which is why I enrolled as a full time student taking six class each semester. Overall, I believe that my classification as a hard worker will benefit my future career in Human Resource Management because I am willing to go above and beyond the minimum the company I am employed at sets. In addition to the previous, I am also believe that I am willing to take on work others cannot accomplish. Therefore, I would not mind working the long hours most management positions require, because I will ensure the job given to me is done precisely and without

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