The Importance Of Music Is A Part Of Our Society

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Since mankind could ever remember, music has always been a part of our lives. As time has gone by we have created and used music for many purposes. It 's in out everyday lives, and there are many kinds. Such as rock and roll, rap, hip-hop, classical, R&B, Pop, country, underground, and even classical. While many can agree that music has impacted human kinds existence, there is a bit of a debate about exactly how important it really is to the human race. While musicians and song-writers say that is important for us to survive, others would argue that music is more of a luxury. Music is a luxury for mankind simply because we were able to survive before we had it, some say it is distracting,

First of all you have that mankind was able to
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When I 'm sitting in my fourth hour class, and we are working on an assignment or even taking a test, our teacher, Mrs. Wiley will ask, "Does the radio bother any of you?" And most the time kids will respond with, "Not really, No." Although there have been times when the students will respond with a, "Yes, please don 't turn it on." When asked, students will say that they are unable to listen to music and do other things, that they focus more on the music and become distracted, unable to finish their work. While others will argue the fact that they need music in able to block people out, and work, there 's still that fact that the job is able to get done without having the music …show more content…
Although is that something that is really to be bragged about? In today 's society kids starting from the age of nine will begin to listen to this music that is "Important for us to live with" and while we do have a wide range to listen to kids listen to the music that is frequently on the radio or the top hit on Vevo. Most of this music has profanity and terrible messages hidden on the song. Some of these songs have titles such as, "Anaconda, or Mercy" While having lines in them such as, "Lamborghini Mercy, your chick, she 's so thirsty, and with new slang meaning that thirsty represents that a person is having a sexual cravings. If people are arguing that music such as this is important for out survival, then what has our society come to? Music is a simple luxury that the human race has taken granted, and even taken in the wrong

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