Hip Hop Effect On Music

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Music can have many different effects on people. For example, it can have an impact on your brain, mood, and what you do in life. There are many genres of music in today’s age. We have rap, hip hop, rock, and many more. The most popular genre of music in the United States in 2017 was hip hop. Almost every year before 2017 rock was the most popular genre.
The impact music can have on your brain is rather extensive. Many people believe that hip-hop is all about drugs, girls, and guns and this is not the case. Hip-hop could be slow and it could be fast pace this is why hip-hop could be listened to when happy or sad and the same thing with rap. Do not get me wrong, they are many songs that rap about drugs, girls, and rap but, they also rap about how they came from nothing to something and this makes people think they could be something someday. Most hip-hop and rap artist have been through some tough things in their life, whether it was their friend dying or not having a father to be there for them and that is what makes their songs how they are. In a paper written by Cambridge University professors Akeem Sule and Becky Inkster, argue that hip-hop music can “positively transform people's’ lives and achieve a formidable sense of empowerment, street knowledge, resilience, and self healing.” Hip-hop
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Like I stated before rap and hip-hop is always upbeat therefore if you are sad or depressed, it can help you get over it. Also, since rap is about overcoming things it makes you think about doing something you have been contemplating doing. My friends and I started a company called BBP and we make beats, shoot videos, and we rap.This has made us more productive in life and we make money from it as well. We were influenced by rap and hip-hop songs to make the company. This can happen with any genre of music. Personally I think this could happen the most with rap and hip-hop because everyone nowadays wants to be a

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