Romantic Period Characteristics

The Romantic Period, one of my favorite periods, gave birth to a lot of famous composers. The beginning and ending dates are difficult to pin down. Approximately, it started at 1820 and ended at 1910. During this period, a few major events greatly affected Europe. The American and French Revolution had just occurred and brought more freedom, the Industrial Revolution brought many people from the country to the city, and the Napoleonic Wars brought confusion and poverty to many. However, poverty and confusion did not affect the beautiful and elegant music composers composed. The significant changes in society caused music in the Romantic Period to have a lot of unique characteristics.
Music during this Period was heavily influenced by Romantic
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The nature was seen as a vast and mysterious force. And in comparison, man seems small and insignificant. This is also another theme of music during the Romantic Period.
During this period, people often use music and arts as an escape from harsh realities in life. Revolutions and wars brought chaos, poverty, and stress to Europeans. Thus, music, arts, the nature and literature became an escape from hardship and poverty in real life.
Technical Virtuosity is also one of the main characteristics of the Romantic Period. During this period, a lot of great violin and piano virtuosos achieved superstar status. For example, one of the most well know violin virtuoso of all times might be Niccolo Paganini. Although his personality was strange and there were a lot of mysterious rumors about him, he was still loved by the audiences and especially women. He achieved fame and fortune as a violin virtuoso, touring all over Europe and making the women swoon. Franz Liszt, another superstar of the day, was one of the most influential piano virtuoso of all times. He adored Paganini when he was still a teenager, and locked himself away to practice with the determination to emerge as the world’s greatest piano virtuoso. As a theatrical showman, not only did he make a name for himself in the entire Europe, he also earned a lot of female fans. These superstars with strong personality is also a special element of the Romantic

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