Johannes Brahms Accomplishments

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The Romantic period began around the 1800’s and lasted only until around the 1850’s but with it came two fantastic God-fearing musicians. Johannes Brahms was one of those musicians and his music was truly emotional. Johannes was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1833 and was first introduced to music by his father. Dedicated to both music and his son, Brahms’ father, who played double bass in a civic orchestra,had Brahms taught by Friedrich Cossel and Eduard Marxan, whom kindly taught him without pay. Though Brahms struggled financially in his early years, in 1853 he received the chance to play piano acompiament for Remenyi, a hungarian violinist. Quickly, Brahms talent was soon recognized by Joachim, whom took a liking to the new musician. Joachim had Brahm play for Clara and Robert Schumann, who endorsed Brahm claiming in the New Magazine for Music Brahms to be next great composer, ”called forth to give the ideal …show more content…
Tragically, Robert suffered from extreme depression and mental sickness which sadly had him put in an asylum in 1854. Hearing from this Johannes went to the aid of Clara and her children, where he learned piano and composed relentlessly for several years. Lifelong friends Brahms always sent his compositions to her before publishing. After touring as a pianist and teaching and conducting in the court of Lippe-Detmold, Brahms in 1863 decided to go where else than Vienne. After settling in Vienna, Brahms with help from his friend,Simrock, who was also his publisher, Brahm began composing. Life for Johannes was good, he did not need much, and he enjoyed helping others secretly almost as much as music. Johannes composed many masterpieces but one in particular took him 11 years to finish. Brahms’ soulshaking German Requiem is based on his Christian faith that through in the reserection and reuinion with God through the redeeming death of Jesus Christ. Brahms music reflected his deeper emotions of a man’s mortal life that in school was where

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