The Importance of Music and Movements Towards Early Childhood Development

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Issue :The Importance of Music and Movement and How Much it Contributes to the Early Childhood Development

This is a writing on the issue of the importance of music and how it contributes towards the early childhood development. Reading five and more articles and journals on this issue, I have to agree that music and movements contributes to the child’s total development: psychomotor, perceptual, affective, cognitive, social, cultural and aesthetic. According to Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner (1983), music intelligence is equal in importance to logical - mathematical intelligence, linguistic intelligence, spatial intelligence, bodily - kinesthetic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence.
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Now the question is , how adults( teachers or parents) can use music and movements more effectively in children’s learning, thus children’s development in all domains. Children process information in different ways. The three types of learning styles are visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Music can aid in the use of using the three learning styles. Music alone is auditory, music along with pictures and words is visual, and music combined with motions or dance is kinesthetic .In the journal article, Music and Physical Play by two U.S early childhood teacher educators and a Kenya-born U.S early childhood teachers, have compiled and presented some ideas of music and physical play with the valuable strategies used by the Kenya teachers. They have presented these strategies through vignettes that capture Kenya early childhood teaching practices that is also meaning to teachers outside Kenya. I have picked some activities from the ideas presented and figure out how we adults can incoorperate that in our preschool music teachings suitable to our Malaysian’s culture.
Psychomotor Development As children participate in music, movement and dance, it contributes to their psychomotor development. We can notice this in babies who have not yet learned to crawl. In response to lively music, babies will raise their arms and legs up off the floor and

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