Moving From High School To College Essay

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Moving from high school to college can be a big transition for students. College course work consists of substantially more reading than is required in high school. My suggestion to you, as a senior, should getting used to increased workload by reading books during high school and the summer before college start. Believe me, it helps you to prepare well on doing college work. Also, challenge yourself to do more writing, especially, to concentrate on your THESIS statement because it is important for your success in writing. In fact, College level writing will not the same as high school writing. When I was in high school, my thought to college as an easy career than high school was. I was not prepare well before going to college. During my senior …show more content…
In college, you could get an opportunities for more time to complete or get the work done than high school. However, your time is matter, it doesn’t mean you can just do it in a second. In fact, I’m in Computer Science major, which is not an easy thing. It all about knowledge and work with code. For instance, the first time I wrote C++ code, for computer science class, I really wanted my work to do perfectly and understandable, but it didn’t. There were bugs and errors because I was being rushed to do it on time. After the due date, I received the lowest scores. I used to wait until the last minutes to do the works. I realized that I cannot handle the perfect work if I just relax and think about tomorrow chance. Being rushed is never a good idea. Specially, in high school, as long as I did the work even though it is not perfect, I still get a lot of score, but I was wrong about college work. Therefore, I do rehearse my thinking and filling a notebook with an answer. Then, my assignment is fulfilled and receive a good grade. I think that time is matter, so we will have time to review our work and think ahead before few hours when the work is due. So, you must keep track on your work and finish it on time in order to get full credit. It is very important. Time is never stop, so if you keeps waiting until the last minute without planning and thinking ahead, you will in the rushing moment and the result of your work never come out

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