The Importance Of Motivation In Leadership And Team Management

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Motivation is an important factor in leadership and team management. “The presence of motivation does not promise great success, but the absence of motivation has great potential to damage the team in the long run”. (Levin, 2006). Amongst the skill required of a project manager, leadership, motivation and team building skills are vital to the success of any project. Excellent leadership and organizational skills are the two main ingredients to successfully seeing a project from start to completion, which is, of course, the main goal and responsibility of a Project Manager. (Wilson, 2013)
Each task undertaken by a leader could be considered as a project and an efficient management is essential for the success of that project. “A project is
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Case study

This case study has focused on the management of a furniture factory, International Furniture Factory LLC, a business unit of Izz group of companies. The group’s interests range from mining, telecom, media agency, real state, tourism development and furniture manufacturing. As a business group, the establishment was not doing very well until the new CEO took over in June 2014. The Factory is one of the biggest furniture factories in the Sultanate with the most modern state of the art technology equipment and machineries. More than ten million USD were spent on setting up the sprawling 5000 sq meter factory.
The Group has all the required factors to become a leading business establishment in the country; however, it was found that the former leaders (project managers) failed to cash in on the available resources.
The appointment of the new project manager for the group was a turning point. He, as a project manager strongly believed in motivation of his subordinates in order to increase the output. He capitalised on the factors where the previous team failed to recognise for the success of the Factory. The first task of the CEO was to conduct a SWOT analysis, then restructure so as to maximise utilization of the available human resources and at the same time removing all overhead expenses which were impediments to the development. Therefore, the unproductive workforce was replaced with more productive and competent
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Strategy of the project manager plays a crucial role in his team’s success. Often lack of correct strategy leads to failures; hence, ability to make strategy by the project manager, is essential from the initial stages of planning to final conclusion of the project. Strategy has to be reinforced and communicated with his team members.
An effective communication skill is key to the success of a project manager. The project manager should maintain a regular communication plan with the top management and at the same time down the line to maintain an open system which will help to deal with emergency situations. Project managers as leaders should be good communicators to deal with people with finesse as we have seen many projects fail due to the failure of people management skills of the project

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