Jennifer Whitt Influence On Free Project Management

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Being a leader is no minuscule task. There have been several leaders in different positions from military leaders, all the way down to small project managers. There are certain key concepts that a person must understand and exhibit to become a true leader. Along with these key concepts, a leader must be able to influence others. Throughout this paper, I will discuss these concepts and how to influence others, based on the video, Free Project Management by Jennifer Whitt (2011).
Leadership is crucial for the world. Without it, there would be no order or discipline. One cannot accurately say they are a leader; they have to have certain qualities or key concepts to be a leader. After reviewing the video, Free Project Management by Jennifer Whitt
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Continuing with the video by Jennifer Whitt (2011), there are ten ways that a leader can influence their team. A leader must have integrity. This means that the project manager must be truthful with their team members. When the project manager must uphold their word and be open with the other members on the team as well. Nurture, a project manager must nurture their team members and themselves. This means that the project manager “provides them with the resources they need. He or she m sure they are getting enough sleep; they are eating, taking breaks…” (Whitt, 2011). This means that the project manager has to nurture themselves also. He or she needs to find time to unwind, because if they are too stressed it will only increase the stress levels among the team members as well. A project manager must have faith and must listen to their team members as well. You must have faith in your team members to get the job done. Furthermore, you must listen to you team members. Active listening is a key to being a good leader. If you can genuinely hear what your team members are saying and asking, it will show them that you truly care for …show more content…
I am not a project manager. However, I am a squad leader. This means I have subordinates under me that I have to train and lead to accomplish a goal. I find that after reviewing the video by Jennifer Whitt (2011), I have the key concepts of what it takes to be a leader. I also use the ten ways to influence others as well. A leader is someone who equips their team and themselves for success, has an outstanding attitude. A dreamer who strives for excellence and has great relationships within his or her team. He or she must influence their team members by; having integrity, nurturing, having faith, listening and understanding others. A leader enlarges others, navigates, connects, empowers and reproduces other

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