Importance Of Project Quality In Construction

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Project management is a subject which developed rapidly in recent decades, and it is an important part of modern management. There are three major goals in the project, such as project quality, project cost and project time. The project quality management is an important content of project management.
With economic globalization and China’s entering into the WTO, the competition among construction enterprises to become more competitive. If many construction companies want to keep an impregnable position in the increasingly fierce competition, managers must strengthen the project quality management. Construction project quality management, which is relation to the social benefit and economic benefit of construction projects, and
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In this process, there were some intense competition every moment. A construction enterprise has no basis to ensure the quality of engineering construction, and they do not finish a high quality project, after they will soon lose their competitive ability. Using modern technology to change the quality testing instruments in the construction process, to ensure the quality of working procedure and the quality of the project, there is a very high practical significance. In practice, people should make a judgment about engineering quality in advance, staff have to solve the quality problem in the bud, and avoid the project construction waste, because there are many project quality issues, to improve the construction quality, to extend the life of the project or to reduce life cycle costs of the project, in order to achieve the best economic effect of …show more content…
Such as the United States, the supervision and management of construction engineering quality mainly set construction quality supervision organization, make strict regulation about the responsibility of supervising staff, and the internal management of the supervision department also has a set of strict rules, the main responsibility is project design review and inspection on the construction site. According to the relevant information and materials shows that the United States in terms of engineering quality management and material quality supervision is very characteristic, although its economic and social system compared with the other country is not the same, there are still many places worth listening to. The United States government agencies about the quality of the construction project management:
(1) In the planning stage management
In the planning stage, the United States government agencies require the owner report the project about natural, economic and social impact, the government administration department will examine and approve the report. According to federal, state, or local government environmental policy act, regulators will approve and permit the project which conform to the regulations.
(2) In the design stage

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