Moral Education Should Be Taught In School Essay

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Whether Moral Education Should Be Taught in School

What makes a good teacher? Should teachers earn student trust and care about what students do or think after school? Is it possible for a teacher to change the destiny of students? In the movie Freedom Writers, Mrs. G meets her “unteachable, at-risk” students1 and her idealistic enthusiasm is challenged. Step by step, she changes the students with her love and patience. By the movie’s conclusion, her efforts towards her students have paid off. There are different types of teachers and they hold different opinions about the best manner in which to educate their students. Teachers routinely teach academic subjects, but Academic skills are just a small part of what students learn in school. Politeness, honesty, charity and cooperation are crucial student concerns that require a teachers’ guidance. In other words, character education and moral values should be taught side by side with academic knowledge in school.
Mrs. G demonstrates that teachers are able to change the destiny of students. When she just begins her first job to teach the students, they reject this white woman’s authority at the beginning of the semester. For these students who have grown up with gang violence and the death of
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Teachers are not “blind persons” that cannot see any problems in the classroom. On the contrary, they ought to find out the problems about the students they will be work with. A teacher’s choice of what she teaches can be changed to meet students’ needs. Students in Room 203 were weak on issues of morality and personal responsibility, so Mrs. G tried to reach her students with materials that addressed their real life problems in a way that they could understand. Academic knowledge that teachers teach in school may or be not be useful in a student’s future career, but good character education will affect ones’ life

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