Essay On Racial Bias

Racial Bias in the Classroom
Throughout my life, I have experienced inequity because of my heritage and the color of my skin. For example, my 10th grade English teacher demonstrated inequity by having prejudice against some of her students, as she was biased towards any nationality other than her own, which was black. The treatment that I and other people in the same situation received was unfair, as teachers are not supposed to give special treatment towards their own race. They should know to accept students’ differences in nationality. Situations like the one I was in happen in classrooms across the country every day. Although there is no simple solution, there are techniques that we can use to go about beginning to solve this major problem in the education system. Some of the ways we can fix this issue is to have teachers be held more accountable for their actions, be observed in a way that they can’t prepare for, and be given seminars on how to be objective towards their students.
My experience with that English teacher taught me a lesson that I will never forget. In the beginning of the year, she made sure that the Hispanic and Caucasian nationalities felt and saw a low form of what the African American race went through during the
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My teacher didn’t believe in me or the other students in the class, all she did was pass out assignments and force her opinion on us. Young states, “teachers are game changers”, pointing out that teachers’ words have impact, and they should have a positive influence on their students in school and outside of school. They also need to think before they speak, as words can offend, even if that was not the original intent. Unbiased teachers teach their students tolerance, equity, and respect for all of their classmates, which in turn helps the world to be a more tolerant and unbiased

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