The Importance Of Moral And Ethics

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Karina Rodriguez
Professor Stephens
College Writing
17 September 2014
Moral & Ethics
Technology has become a huge component in our daily lives, and continues to advance every day. While it brings many beneficial elements into our lives, newer forms of technology that have been brought out today, seem rather unnecessary and often raise question if it should even be brought out to the public in the first place. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, society needs to bring out the ethics of these new technologies, and the morals and implications of these new advances to avoid causing long term impacts that could affect future generations.
In Peter Singer’s essay “Visible Man: World without Secrets”, he states that the more people
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It helps decide whether an idea or behavior is right or wrong. While the definition of morals and ethics differs from person to person, it is highly influenced by the way of upbringing from child to adult, religion, and the way society thinks as a whole. Throughout a child’s ascent into adulthood, the parent of the child broaden the child’s outlook on life and how to treat those around them based off of the parent’s own morals. Religion is a huge influence and inspiration for human behavior which greatly ties in with morality and how people should act. Ethics is similar to morals in which it is the guidelines of morals applied to a social standard. The way society thinks can also greatly affect the way a person behaves which in turn also affects the morals of the individual. Philosopher Jeremy Bentham was correct in suggesting that if we all knew we were being watched at any time we would reform our morals (Singer 468) This statement is greatly supported by an experiment done by Melissa Bateson and her colleagues: They would put a poster with eyes above a canteen honesty box and it resulted in people donating three times as more money than they did when it was replaced with a poster with flowers (Singer …show more content…
The Dalai Lama states that by actively manipulating genes, we are forcing an unnaturally quick change in animals, plants, and our own species (133). With all this change not only will people be opposed to it, it can bring harm to the populations as well. Due to the new immunities these genetically manipulated children will have, the population can acquire infections or even diseases because of it. In an article written by Deeksha Rawat, it’s stated that “Cloning will mean bringing in identical genes, which will naturally weaken our power to adapt to different circumstances” (Rawat). This also implies that due to these unnatural changes, it could be eliminating the process of evolution of the human race. People are drifting away from the original purpose of genetic manipulation, and are instead using this new technology to be able to acquire fame through ground-breaking research to be able to say they were the ones that created advancements in technology. So far, scientists have become successful in cloning animals; their first successful cloning was Dolly the sheep. However to even be successful with Dolly, it began with many counts of trial and error and resulted in the deaths of many embryos and newborns before they finally became successful (Rawat). This caused a lot of controversy when the public became knowledgeable of this and many people accused the scientists of trying

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