Genetic Engineering Pros And Cons

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The Controversy Of Genetic Engineering
Genetic engineering is the deliberate modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material. This is still a relatively new topic in today’s society. The altering of DNA was first only used to modify crops to increase their quality. Today, altering human DNA has been brought to the table. Scientists can now alter a human zygotes genetic makeup. This topic has been very controversial in the United States. Although the genetic modification of plants and animals have resulted in a variety of benefits, bringing forth genetic modification to the human world can cause some means for concern. Many people believe that altering human DNA is against nature. They argue the subject
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This group believes that genetic modification could possibly be a threat to not only humans but also to environmental health. According to Greenpeace International, “Biological diversity must be protected and respected as the global heritage of humankind, and one of our world 's fundamental keys to survival.” (2) The unknown dangers and possible outcomes of altering human DNA is often unsettling to people against genetic engineering. Other arguments against genetic engineering are based on a moral and religious standpoint. Genetic mutation can be seen as ”playing god.” Advocates say that no one has the power to manipulate the almighty. They believe that all humans are born as they were meant to be in the way of god. People also argue that genetic engineering is unethical and that modifying genes will lead to an imbalance in nature. There is a fear present that preventing diseases can lead to an overpopulation. Overpopulation is already a current problem in today’s society. As scientist progress overtime with medical advancements such as altering DNA, death rates can lower. According to an anonymous writer, “No human can ever be flawless that 's just something we have to learn to accept. Our life expectancy cannot exceed a certain number of years. We should rely on God 's will.” …show more content…
Therefore, overall the democrats are the supporters of genetic engineering. When it comes to political parties, the difference between democrats and republicans can also be based on a religious standpoint. Democrats often believe that god is the guiding factor in evolution. An anonymous author that favors the democratic side states, “Some republicans argue about diseases that appear late in life but still allow forty to sixty years of productive life, such as Huntington’s. But wouldn’t it be better if the person didn’t have to suffer at all and not pass these hereditary genes onto his or her children? Democrats think that if it’s alright to use effective medical treatments to cure a forty year old with Alzheimer’s, it’s all right to prevent the person from getting it in the first place. This new technology is very helpful to our future children and will help inherited diseases to be stopped in its tracks.” (4) A majority of republicans believe that the world has only existed as long as humans have existed. Republicans in general see the unethical characteristic of genetic engineering. Republicans also fear the overall cost of genetic engineering. Future research would require a massive amount of investment. Mischa Fisher, a former Republican science-policy staffer and legislative director in the House of Representatives, says, “My own experience on Capitol Hill suggests that when anyone mentions GOP advocacy for science

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