The Importance Of Mission-Vision-Values

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Mission-Vision-Values Mission-Vision-Values have become a necessary element in modern day organizations. These declarations are developed by the company to identify the standard and critical elements of their organizational strategy. By identifying what the company wants to ultimately accomplish, as well as identifying the direction that the company is going, everyone in the organization can share in the responsibility of seeing that the goal being set is adhered to and ultimately accomplished. Each part of Mission-Vision-Values has its own process and goal. A Mission statement is basically a purpose statement that is generated after a lot of thought and planning by the organization’s leadership team. In our textbook, Management Skills …show more content…
From these discussions, the Mission-Vision-Values statements can be developed. The Mission statement is a guide to help direct any decision making within the company. Leaders, employees and shareholders will use the Mission statement to make decisions and complete tasks that will best align with the company’s direction.
I work for MIQ Logistics. MIQ’s leadership team has taken a very vocal and high profile approach to their Mission-Vision-Values. A lot of time was spent creating these goals when the company was being established. MIQ wants everyone associated with our organization to know what the organization’s goals are. Our Mission statement (also known as “What We Do”) is “We will attract and retain the best people, provide flawlessly executed integrated solutions, and consistently deliver value to our customers.” This statement is strategically placed in our offices and when an employee is hired, their security badge comes with a card references the Mission-Vision-Values, as well as the company’s Core Values. Sharing these with a new employee is important: by telling employees that the company will attract and retain the best people, I feel they are saying that I am “the best” because they have made me a part of their team and they want to retain me. In exchange for that, it is my job to follow the second and third part of the Mission statement. (I am reminded that this is a Mission statement, not a mandate!) I am to work toward providing
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The Vision Statement can be similar to the Mission Statement, but adds At MIQ, our Vision Statement (also known as “Where We Are Going”) is “To be the best Global Logistics Service Provider in the industry.” This tells me that I am to do whatever I can to make that happen; every little thing that every employee does to move us in that direction will help make that vision a reality. We know where we are going, so we all need to help get us there. Without a vision, an organization can spend more time reacting to what is in front of them and miss out on where they should be

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