The Importance Of Maths In Math

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Introduction The subject of mathematics is probably one of the most common known for students to dislike or struggle with. It’s reasonable why most students hate the subject. It’s a subject that has to deal with numbers and how to use them. Students don’t understand it because they can’t comprehend it, use the mathematic language, or don’t know how to apply it in their daily lives. However, there are ways to help students who struggle with this subject. Teachers, help from students and the hard work students put in will pay off. The number of students struggling with math skills can be reduced by giving students a chance to work with each other in groups.
Students with inadequate math skills Almost all students have a subject they hate when
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Students receive information from their teacher during class. Problem is, most of these teachers don’t give these students enough information or they don’t explain the content clearly. With this issue most students tend to struggle with the information they are given. Later on, students end up failing quizzes, test or homework assignments. Same applies with tutors. Some tutors don’t put in the effort of actually helping the student with problems. Another reason besides insufficient information is the basics itself. Students tend to have difficulties understanding the basics such as equations, numbers or symbols. Such things are happening due to the fact that they are unable to transfer knowledge, make connections or making it difficult to comprehend visual and spatial aspects. Some kids don’t understand these things because of the pace they develop their learning. Not just information or the basics, but some students have disabilities. The most common known disability is known as dyscalculia. This disability is the difficulty of learning numbers, how to manipulate them or learning facts of mathematics (Kiuhara 234). This disability can really affect a student’s learning and with no efficient help from a teacher or a tutor. One cause of this could be damage to the brain in an early life or the person could have ADHD (Kiuhara 236). A student …show more content…
If a student is struggling with the subject, to save time, not only the teacher, but another student could help. It will also help them outside of class. When teachers are not able to help their students, there can be other students who know the subject well. For example, if a teacher is not present for school, she will not be able to help out students who need help with the subject. That’s when other students come in to help out. Students who know the subject well can share a pool of knowledge to others. This also builds relationship with others making it a lot easier to understand each other’s situation. The other solutions wouldn’t work out as well as working groups. Making math interesting to students is a reasonable solution but most students wouldn’t find it interesting. Most students would be bored with any way that a teacher would try to make the subject fun. Better teaching methods are also not a good solution as working in groups. Even though a teacher could make different methods, a student could disagree with the method. In the end the student or students would be dissatisfied. Last, a relationship between student and teacher is also not the best solution. There are a lot of teachers that are really pleasing to everyone, but you also have student who are disrespectful. Majority of the time, most students, no matter how nice the teacher is, will be rude or inconsiderate towards their

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