The Importance Of Master Degree In Education

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The title of teacher has always been considered a prestigious title. In the past, the title of “teacher” was something that grabbed everyone’s attention. Teachers of today are still proud to carry the honor of being a teacher. The traditional protocol in the education system was to allocate pay according to the years of service and the level of education obtained by the teacher. With this in mind, today’s teachers are no longer accredited for years of service or level of education, but are evaluated by test scores instead. Today, a teacher’s performance in the classroom might impact his or her qualification to teach. This has caused a weak relationship between teachers test and students’ achievements scores, which have made it difficult to measure the quality of teachers characteristic. Teachers have an incredible impact on the academic performance of students, but legislature has questioned how to maintain this high quality of teaching? Because of this question the legislature has undertaken a series of steps to ensure the changes that have now taken …show more content…
A Master Degree is one of the goals that most teachers would like to acquire because of possible promotion in the administrative field. Now achieving this goal for beginning teachers’ or teachers’ with Masters has become less beneficial. This goal becomes very challenging for teachers as far as career decisions. In view of this, there has been a number of teachers leaving the teaching profession especially in North Carolina. According to, the Annual Report on Teachers Leaving the Profession (Klein, 2014) this turn of events was due to ongoing debates the high turnover of teachers leaving the educational system. This report was provided after the new budgets cuts were introduces. Also, through years of service and dedication, a Master Degree shows the stability of a teacher within the educational

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