Definition Essay: What Makes A Successful Marriage?

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One day a girl have asked her grandmother how their marriage had last so long? Grandma answered that in her days they used to fix what was broken but not running to buy a new one. The aspect of marriage that we have nowadays it is greatly different from past. It’s importance and opinions toward marriage had been changed as well. Generally speaking marriage is that point of life when a couple realize that their romantic relationship had turned into something greater than just love. By definition it can be seen just as a written contract, a piece of paper that proofs a wife or husband status. It is everybody’s choice and right to build it’s own marriage based on his or her values. When two people decide to get married, they always think of raising …show more content…
It is a great work in order to be happy in marriage. When the one decides to marry, he or she needs to understand the responsibility they have to have for the person they’ve chosen. All marriages meet their problems and joy, but we need learn how love must defeat jealousy and envy. The statistics nowadays show a big increase in number of divorces. The main reason of this is that people become more independent and free as never before. Along with this freedom, people became selfish. In my opinion, selfishness is the biggest enemy of a marriage. There is no “only me” in a relationship, even more in a marriage. Of course there are misunderstandings, but all of them must be defeated together in a peaceful manner. Marriage does not guarantee fidelity. Many people get married thinking that marriage will keep away the act of cheating. Overall marriage is just a piece of paper, a contract that will not give anyone the guarantee from an infidel spouse. Also marriage could be forced because of society. In some countries is a shame to be over thirty years and still not married. I think every person has the right to get married when the one feels the right time. That’s why we are so

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