The Importance Of Management And The Customer Essay

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The progress of the project will also need to be communicated to management and the customer. This will be done in many different ways. The project manager will receive updates from the staff weekly regarding their schedule and budget progress. On a monthly basis the project manager will report each department’s progress to the management staff along with the customer. A meeting will be held the first Monday of each month that will bring the management, customer, and project manager together. This will allow for face to face communication to update and address any issues. Also, at the end of each business week the project manager will be required to send a brief email to the management staff to just ensure that the project is on schedule and will address any issues. If a major issue occurs the project manager is required to call the appropriate management member or the customer to inform them of the issue and or seek guidance. For example, if a staff member is injured on the job the member of management that handles staff safety will need to be contacted. This helps to ensure that management knows that an injury occurred and can be properly documented, along with the proper process undergone.
Scheduling and Budget The schedule and budget of a project are the core of the planning process. It is possible that scheduling and budget variances occur. If these variances do occur they must be tracked, recorded, and solved through corrective action (Kerzner, 2013,…

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