The Importance Of Literature In The Odyssey By Homer

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Literature allows the perservation of ancient civilization allowing us to peek in at its glorious highs and crashing valleys. A deep insight is brought forth by delving into the chasms of ancient Greek literature. One can learn of their ethics, behaviour, and beliefs despite whether it may be a concoction or hard truth specifically in regards to there ideals on valor, staunchness, and precocity. Literature of the past gives fortuity to allow us to develop an understanding of prior civilizations, and this is most certainly the case with The Odyssey by Homer.

Through Odysseus’ endeavors, Homer gives insight on the Greek value of valor. Being a patriarchal society, men notably would strive to accommodate their actions as such: “Victory will only
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His robustness perfectly contradicts the benign, loving heart which sits inside his chest. Truly and genuinely he must lament, for Penelope is so far, yet his attachment for her has never seen a shiver. Ancient Greeks looked up to his loyalty. “The nymph never was pleasing to him . . . he would lie with her, of necessity, in the hollow caverns, against his will, longing for Penelope.” The hero’s heart could not be swayed by the evils of adultery and dissipation. Twenty whole years and the thought of remarriage not once played into Odysseus’ mind. Fortunately for Odysseus, Penelope too had ideas of one true love ingrained from childhood, and for all she knew, Odysseus was to never return; nevertheless, she remained adamant and never decided to remarry her suitors who were years younger than her husband: “Young men, though you desire to marry me, I urge you wait till I complete this web . . . thereafter in the daytime she would weave at her great loom, but in the night she would have torches set by, and undo it.” Penelope had no such desire of remarrying for her love for Odysseus had no bounds. The relationship Homer has created provides great insight on the human condition at the time; loyalty and respect between spouses was considered to be

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