The Qualities Of A Hero In The Iliad And Achilles

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The Iliad and the Aeneid are both two of the greatest epic poems in history. They still exist today as alive as they were told long ago. Both written by two amazing scholars, Homer and Virgil have once again astounded us with amazing stories of hero’s, war, and honor. But what truly make a hero a hero in these two stories? A hero can be imagined as a big, strong man in a cape that flies around the city. The truth is that muscles and strength doesn’t make someone a hero, it is the qualities that defines them. Qualities such as honor, loyalty, dignity, and love are what define these two such heroes. Aeneas and Achilles are the heroes from these tragedies, even though they share a lot of the qualities of a hero; they are two completely different characters. The hero of the Aeneid: Aeneas, and the hero from the Iliad: Achilles differ by sense of right and wrong, honor and loyalty, and their love.
Aeneas is a Trojan, born from Anchises; a Trojan prince and Venus; the goddess of
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“From here, he divided the deer among friends and also the wine” pg. 194 The Aeneid Book 1, this statement shows the Aeneas cares for his men that had survived the sea attack from Aeolus. He hunted seven deer representing the seven ships of his fleet that survived. Aeneas truly cares for his men and comrades and does everything in his power to keep them safe and alive. He has achieved that send of honor to believe and fight in something beyond himself. Achilles fought with his myrmidons but shows a lot throughout the Iliad that he does not care if they live or die. Achilles showed his compassion only for his cousin Patroclus, when Hector killed him. He fought mostly for his own personal reasons and did not want to partake in the Trojan War in the first place. Someone fighting for their country or to protect something or someone that they love portrays a very real and very honorable

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