How Does Fluency Affect Adult Literacy

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Across Jamaica, literacy in the classroom has become an issue of concern. In recent times it is observed that even at the level of adult literacy major concerns are stated as it relates to employment. Literacy is a very important social factor and without it, society won’t progress. Teachers are faced with challenges in getting students to read efficiently. On a daily basis in classroom teachers impart the importance of reading to students. Students are encouraged to continuously practice the habit of reading. Reading is a key foundation in knowledge and knowledge is the key foundation to a successful society. However there are some students that are faced with the challenge of reading fluently. Being expressive, accurate and appropriately …show more content…
Poor reading comprehension skills are predicted based on lack of reading fluency. Being able to read fluent does not cause comprehension, however it creates room for comprehension of the reading. Slow, laborious reading prevents the reader’s capacity to construct interpretation. For most readers, the greatest challenge they face is translating print to oral language. Difficulties in word identification usually identified by their slow, halting and inconsistent rate, poor phrasing and inadequate intonation patterns. Proficient readers tend to have wide vocabulary knowledge. They can easily identify and comprehend word in context. Fluency in reading is important. It provides a bridge between word recognition and comprehension.
This investigation will be carried out as a result of the low level of fluency in readers in primary schools. While during my teaching practices while attending St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College several observations were made. It was noted that students were expected to read on a daily basis. It was also observed that even though the practice of reading was implemented, the students were not fluent. Students were heard counting words and that affected their level of comprehension. Students also seemed unmotivated to read because of the frustration they were

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