The Importance Of Learning And Teaching Within A Classroom Setting

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The Oxford English Dictionary states that the definition of learning is ‘the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught’, although this denotation is technically correct it does not specify the details of an ideal learning environment. For example, the above definition fails to explain how this attainment of knowledge is to be projected onto the pupils and what exactly is the most effective manner to promote such learning. Many educational theories revolve around this discussion as it is evident that there is no one clear method in which learning is efficaciously stimulated. Through a combination of observations and personal experience of being taught and teaching within a classroom setting, I personally believe that learning is brought about through patience, understanding of the pupils strengths and weaknesses, but most importantly the ability to spark the interest of the students through stimulating and challenging activities.
All student learning originates from the teachers plan that is made prior to the lesson, a thorough and detailed plan leads to a more productive lesson and therefore more effective learning for the pupils. It is key when planning a lesson to consider the pupils various learning styles and to include and cater to, as Dryden and Vos state (2001, p130), the three key learning styles which are visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. As pupils learn through several methods, the teacher must address all learning styles in…

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