The Importance Of Leadership's Effect On Creativity And Innovation

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Leadership plays a vital role in the success of an organization. The type of leadership in an organization determines the level of productivity of the employees. Organizations with good leadership record outstanding performances. This chapter presents a detailed review on the available literature concerning the topic leadership and its effects on creativity and innovation.
2.2. What is effective leadership?
According to Harvard Business School (2005), an effective leader is a person who leads by example for others to follow because they believe it is the right thing to do. Harvard Business School (2005) noted that honesty and reliability are the main characteristics of an effective leader. Further, Keller (2011) pointed out that great leaders
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Fast decision-making enables the company to move with speed. To ensure quick decision-making, Harvard Business School (2005) noted that leaders have to tolerate ambiguity, reinvent ways of team operation and foster a mutual understanding of the problems. According to Stanfield (2009), great leaders apply the law of magnets. Stanfield (2009) found that great leaders identify their positive side as well as the negative side. Then, the leader must find people who will compensate for their negatives. Stanfield (2009) argued that great leaders avoid judging a person by a mere first meeting. Great leaders deeply analyze a person’s characteristics before developing a conclusion. On the contrary, Keller (2011) argued that a great leader should develop a judgment on an individual within a very short period. According to Keller (2011), ability to form judgment on persons’ personality is critical especially when hiring new employees where no background information is provided. In addition, Sperry (2002) noted that effective leaders can judge a situation in a short period and predict the possible …show more content…
Leaders are only a central part in the creation of a context that individuals use, to enhance their capacity and give innovative results. However, Adair (2009) noted that leadership must provide a climate favoring for teamwork. According to Adair (2009), favorable climate is conducive to creativity and innovation. In the same way, Hunter, Bedell, & Mumford, (2007) argued that an environment of intellectual debate, flexibility, positive relations, and challenge is considerably associated with innovation. In addition, Sloane (2007) noted that leaders should be responsible for conflict solving to spark

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