The Importance Of Interward Communication

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You did an excellent job discussing communication through the networks and channels in a way that I can easily relate to. Frequently in my workplace, information that should be relayed in a formal manner is not; it is relayed through e-mail alongside the grapevine. As you said, it leads to interdepartmental chatter and gossip. An issue that contributes to the confusion and frustration with using the wrong channel is the lack of explanation through the downward channels. When engaging in downward communication, managers must explain the reasons why a decision was made (Robbins & Judge, 2009). Often, we receive e-mails implementing changes in policy with little to no explanation why which causes employees to refute
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Another issue present within my organization is the lack of upward communication. It is not necessarily that the management level does not listen; the employees do not provide feedback in regards to changes. Employees will discuss changes through the grapevine but will not send communication back upward. Dr. Fischer points out that communication is not a one-way street that it should be viewed as a constant process and this is the area my organization would benefit from with positive changes; encouraging and participating in both upward and downward communication …show more content…
While there are many different outlets and platforms of communication, my organization mostly relies on e-mails and instant messaging to relay important information quickly. That of course is not without issues, though. We are often faced with issues of miscommunication due to the grapevine within the organization. However; we do have great successes within our organization because there is a high level of knowledge management and necessary and vital information is relayed to us and we are able to be an efficient team. I personally try to remember His word and stay out of the gossip in fear of getting intertwined in the grapevine. The relationships with my co-workers and an overall well-functioning organization is most important to me.
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