The Importance Of Information Security

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The advancement of technology brings about an environment that is prone to attacks and

propels companies to identify the best tools to secure their assets. Specifically as cybersecurity is

evolving and it is becoming more valuable to organizations to understand how it could affect

them. Although there is a wide assortment of security tools, products and services to invest in, it

is still difficult to identify the most beneficial security measures for a firm because security is

dynamic. The article illustrates a multifaceted perspective to explain the major security trends of

2014. It specifically describes how the past will impact the future and the relationship between

business and technology. The article then emphasizes four key technology predicted trends
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The next trend that was supply chain integrity which is sought to be a significant because

much of the supply chain has been moved abroad and especially after incidents like the revealing

advanced persistant threat report. IT supply chain integrity issues are growing more complex as

IT systems are assembled from a large number of geographically diverse providers (Gartner,

2012). To mitigate this issue of equipment being constructed with back doors, malware and other

vulnerabilities, proposed legistlation has been suggested. The legistlation proposes that testing

be perfomred on products produced abroad and if anything is revealed suspicious it can be

rejected. The overall, prediction is that by 2020 consumer product manufacturers will be libale

by a national government for security vulnerabilities in its product. With increasing globalization

and competition this has been predicted to occur.

The last predicted trend was the Internet of Things—Everything (IoE). We are moving

from an era of Internet of Things where devices are connected to the Internet of Everything.

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