The Importance Of Impressions

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Morgan Cody
Prof. Recasner
ENG COMP 102-406
27 October 2017
Impressions Matter First impressions are such an important part of networking in today’s society. They can make life easier, or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, impressions can make life challenging. Impressions are an ever important part of doing well in life. Impressions can make or break anyone when it comes to both social relationships and professional realities because first impressions are often lasting impressions. In any social environment, making a positive impression is important because the goal is to have positive interactions with peers and acquaintances. Conversely, a negative impression can result in a loss of opportunities. One never knows who one might run
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As Boyd explains, there is a young girl in Iowa who was struggling with her sexuality, and she turned to the internet for help. She ended up finding an online chat room where she could talk to other with the same sexuality as her, which she found very helpful. But, after the computer screen had closed, she still struggled to find herself. She even feared that she would accidentally come out as a lesbian before she was ready. “As teens struggle to make sense of different social contexts and present themselves appropriately, one thing becomes clear: the internet has not evolved into an idyllic zone in which people are free from the limitations of the embodied world” (Boyd 127). In other words, the internet is not an island that can be separated from everyday …show more content…
Today, getting a great job is not an easy task. What sets someone apart from any other person applying for the same job? The impression someone leaves online could be just the difference. For instance, if someone applies for a job and the company decides to check the profile of the person they are interviewing, only to see vulgar comments and violent posts, then they will surely go for another person who has a clean profile. On the other hand, if the profile is clean, but the candidate shows up for the interview and acts nothing like the profile that is online, it could give the impression that the person they are interviewing cannot be trusted. Either way, impressions both online, and in person are very

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