The Importance Of Immigration In The United States

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I believe the United States border is in serious trouble. More and more illegal immigrants are sneaking past our so called “secure” borders. The U.S Border Control should be strengthened and laws can be put in effect to make america a safer place to live. American image and identity are being buried, due to our vast diversity. Most importantly immigrants are bringing illegal narcotics on to united states soil,with the fear of foreign terrorist from attacking our great nation. America is changing and the border is not secure for the safety for all.
First I will address the US Border which is flooding in millions of undocumented illegal immigrants. As the immigrants come to the United States they are taking American’s jobs. Unauthorized or
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There should be no such thing as illegal or unauthorized immigrants in the United States. America is being too nice on immigrants in the United States. The way for immigrants to come and become legal citizens should be changed to make it harder to allow them onto American soil. There is roughly 11.3 million unauthorized immigrants in the united states in 2014. in the year 1970 there were 9.6 million immigrants roaming on U.S soil. By the year 2013 there were 41.3 million. 57% of all Households are led by a undocumented illegal immigrant and are enrolled in welfare this makes many hard working americans upset wondering why a illegal immigrant can live in a country and do nothing. This being said in Los Angeles California hard working taxpayers spent roughly 600 million dollars on illegal immigrants …show more content…
Kate Steinle Was a victim of a crime that was committed by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez. Juan is an undocumented immigrant that was deported 5 times. Juan killed kate when she was walking on a pier in San Francisco with her father. Juan shot and killed her on the pier. If the border was stronger this would never have happened to Kate or any other victims of illegal immigrants. Another example of a violent crime that was committed by an illegal immigrant name was Hermilo Moralez who murdered Mrs. Wilkerson’s son. The incident occurred when Hermilo Moralez asked Josh the victim if he could give him a ride home from the high school. Where the car stopped is unknown but what is the fact how systematically he killed Josh first a blow to his face followed by one to the knee to his lower stomach which ruptured his spleen. The killer was not satisfied that he was not dead yet so he choked josh lifeless body to death. After Josh noise didn’t have show any signs of life Hermilo put his body back in the car and lit it aflame. This incident could have easily been avoided if the United States had a stronger border then this crime would not have not been committed and Josh would still be here today. There are many crimes that happen each year by undocumented illegals one so example was shown

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