The Importance Of Immigration In The Book Name Snake

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Immigration is very complicated process. It is leaving your country and moving to new country. It is not an easy process and it has lot of hardships in its way. The people who come from other country are called immigrants. The book Name Snake, is about an immigrant family settling in America. And the hardships family have to face in America for settling down. Moreover kids of immigrant’s family forgetting about their original roots and not ready to practice them.

When immigration is done immigrants face many challenges in their life. Along with these challenges many times there are circumstance in which immigrants need their family members to be with them and support them. But immigrants have to face everything alone without their family
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There are many problems comes along with it. Pregnancy is very complicated and long process with requires a lot of patience and wait. It is one of the hardest part of women 's life becoming a mother. During pregnancy women are much tensed and a lot of things are going in their mind and their life is changed now. She is starting new life and as mother new responsibilities about it and sometimes women get afraid of taking new responsibility. But at the same times excited to welcome their child in the new world “[Ashima] is beginning to realize, is a sort of lifelong pregnancy – a perpetual wait, constant continues feeling of sorts” (49). Most of the time new moms in foreign country is having strange fear of having their child alone in the hospital without their mom and family beside her. It is interesting that hospital are safer than home for giving birth to child. Hospitals are fully prepared for any kind emergency in process of giving birth. But immigrant’s mom thinks …show more content…
It is some kind of punishment to them that they are away from their loved ones and not able to do anything other than thinking that one day they will meet them again and how beautiful that day will be. They think of that day and feel so happy that they will be sitting next to each other. These immigrant family go through the memories which remind them of their family back home. These things are the way to keep them self-busy and happy by making their heart understand that if there family is not next to them so what. At least they have items which give them the memory of their family back home. To the immigrants those things which give them memory of their family back is treasure to them and they never want to lose them. “If she is feeling energetic, she ask Gogol to go and get a photo album and together they look at pictures of grandparents and his uncle and aunty and cousins,” (54). Everything in this world has its pros and cons .Similarly immigration also has its pros and cons. The cons of immigration is that the immigrant family get a chance to go to new country experience new culture and meet new people learn new thing from other people. Similarly the cons are that while being far from the home country there are many important occasions of life when they have to be there for their family, but you are not available to them because you are too far from them. All you can do is to just apologies from the

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