The Importance Of Human Resource Management

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BSWH prides itself on providing an extensive orientation over the details and then also expects managers to on
board the new employees to his/her specific department and/or role. After all of the c ross - training has been completed there is a fundamental review for the first 30/60/90 day of employment. During this review, we call it a rounding session; questions are presented from both parties to ensure that the interview was handled well, the role w as explained with detail correctly, and that the new employee has all of the tools to fulfill the role. During this time it is important to ask if they have ideas that would improve the workflow of the office.
The leadership is always open to innovative methods that could improve
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There isn’t anything that he will ask of the staff that he isn’t willing to do himself. Now, I can’t say that the employees always see eye
eye. But that is another area that is handled well. Employees that have dilemmas have a great resource within
Human Resources. There is also an ethics line that one can remain anonymous. All communications will be fully investigated to ensure professionalism and policy e nforcement is intact.
BSWH has many matrix or departments within its system. So, it is not surprising that there are other areas that can help staff than just Human Resources. There is a fully functional Compliance department, Patient Safety, Risk Mana gement and Legal departments. These are just a few of the areas that employees can seek feedback from. BSWH have been consistent in keeping their employees motivated by offering many benefits including a merit based performance reward.
The leadership wit hin the organization is driven to continue motivating the staff and take time to recognize each member for exceptional service. This helps with staff morale and retention. These leaders are definitely in a role to support and guide along with building tr ust and
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Due to the vast number of employees in the organization, there have been a variety of methods used for analyzing the opportunities for success. Primarily in place today is the POLC
(Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling) method. This is instrumental as a leader and even more so for those employees looking to transition into a leadership role. Planning is carried out at all levels and the type of planning is mostly dependen t upon the responsibilities of the manager. This is where a process is determined that will show where a department is heading and how it intends to get there. At this time is when we can begin organizing. This is where we build actions and provide reso urces to achieve set goals that have been cascaded from the planning stage. Leading is where we motivate and direct employees. This can be the most difficult role as it is solely based on one person’s interpretation of how to perform and/or the style of their management technique. Then one must see managers as controllers.
Now this doesn’t mean controlling the employee, but it does mean monitoring a role, identifying performance and opportunities for improvement. This is the time that

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