Essay About Moving Away From High School

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Everyone always told me growing up that high school is the best time of your life, and they were right most of the time, thus far high school has been the best and the worst time of my life. You start to express yourself and find who you really are, you get to make life long friends, and most importantly you get a glimpse of what your future holds. Also you have to go through endless class work, stress from grades, sports, parents, and jobs, and don 't forget the overall goal of college acceptance. Through all those ups and downs there are many life lessons you get to walk away from high school with. Even though high school has been fun filled, if I said it was a breeze to get to graduation day, I would be lying. In high school you don 't …show more content…
I have had a job all four years of high school. Freshmen year I got my lifeguarding certification and got a job at Northviews pool, this was the best possible job I could have got for where I was in my life, my job was at my school so I got to focus more not worrying about how i 'm getting to work everyday and all of the hours did not conflict with school timing, but there was still the issue of hours worth of homework every night, knowing that I picked that job because I knew I was only up in the chair for half of an hour and the other half I got to be in the office doing my homework. You really just have to find the job that with work with you not make you struggle to make it work, and the pool was a good fit for me I have been employed there for all four years, even as I work second job and even a third job at some points throughout the years. So high school really has thought me while life is busy you still need to make money and have a job so just slow down and think about ever aspect that will factor in and see if a job is a right fit for …show more content…
I have wanted to be in the cosmetology program since junior high for the reason of you get to do hair and nails in school that 's so fun, but once I got into highschool I learned more about the program and finding out you get your cosmetology license. Once I heard that there was no stopping me I had it set in my head that this was my path and that it was the best thing for me, coming out of high school with a license and a diploma. Once I was accepted junior year I worked so hard and really focused on what we were learning knowing that we had a huge state licensing test at the end of senior year. The program was no walk in the park especially for me, I missed school due to medical issues and so I was very far behind on my hours you need to go down and test. So at the end of junior year I had two choices to drop out of the program or to drive down to Findlay every day the month of June 8am-5pm for a summer class and make up all of my missing hours. Even though I gave up a month of my summer and had to wake up every morning at 6am to drive down I did it I made up all of my hours and showed that I was not giving up. Now at the end of my senior year I have obtained my license and am planning to using it and working in a soln through college. So the cosmetology program has taught me lots of things but the most important ones being determination, focus, and believing in yourself no matter what

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