The Importance Of Healthy Behavior In College Students

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A recommended behavior is eating more heart healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables,, grains, low fat proteins, and naturally grown, non manufactured foods can prevent the onset of heart disease that usually occur later in life (Mayo Clinic, 2014).

Why is this behavior important to health in general? Eating healthy is the most important part of physical fitness. Eating healthy also has short and long term benefits to the body such as providing energy, releasing endorphins, preventing symptoms that could lead to heart disease , and increasing life expectancy (Heart Disease and Diet, 2014).

Why is this issue relevant to college students in general, and University of Illinois students specifically? Most college students do not consider
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Note: use your interview answers (as well as your research) to inform your answer.
Some students that live on in Champaign have the benefit of going home for a good meal. Some student have apartments and have funds to buy healthy food. The students who live in dorms may find that the less healthy foods taste better than the healthy food options in the dining hall. Dining hall food is often the same every other week and student who often eat there want to taste something different so they go to McDonalds, order pizza, and go to other fast food restaurants. For example a study done on hypertension awareness proves that the young adult that is aware of how the heart works and the complications that could occur will take chive steps to ensure their heart health (Gooding, 2014). Those unaware of the potential cardiovascular dangers will feel healthy unaware they have hypertension (Gooding, 2014). The students that have parents near by and or live in apartments are much more aware of the food they are buying and eating than students who live in the dorm and eat in the dining hall. The students on this campus that are aware of the foods they are purchasing and cooking are also aware of the health benefits they offer because they have to prepare it in some form or fasion. However, the students that don 't have to purchase or prepare their own food think less about what they eat and how it affects them now and in the future; the “freshman

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