Nursing Case Interview Questions

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The woman interviewed is a single, 38 year old mother of 3, from Warner Robins, Georgia. She indicated that her profession is a licensed practical nurse. She stressed the fact that she was previously had health coverage provided by her job; however, due to unforeseen circumstances she was left uninsured. She emphasized that her current financial circumstances prevents the purchase of insurance. Her source of healthcare is limited to her knowledge in nursing. She clarified that she uses it as a prevention measure to keep from seeking secondary care facilities, due to the fact she has to pay out of pocket for healthcare. She noted that she has numerous part time jobs that provide somewhat sustainable amount of income. She added that due to cost of living and other financial strains …show more content…
One being her weight and the other is her recently acquired habit of smoking. She made it clear that she knew the risks and potential hazards that being overweight and smoking caused; however, she complained that her current circumstances does not promote the time or income needed to diet and exercise. however, she does exercise healthy sleep patterns. She reported that she was experiencing agonizing knee pain after working 12 hours shifts, due to her weight. She also has 2+ edema build around her lower extremities that she indicated was from poor circulation or poor venous return. She stressed that her blood pressure and blood glucose levels were in normal range for her weight and age. She is not currently taking any medication nor did she indicate any pervious surgeries or allergies. She reported that she has no past medical health issues, besides her weight. When asked about her family health problems she reported that her family has a history of cancer, obesity, diabetes, and mental issues. She is the last child alive of the 3 children her mother had. Her grandmother died of ovarian cancer at the age of 31. Her older sister died of a massive heart attack at the age

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