The Importance Of Hardships In My Life

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Everybody goes through hardships, some worse than others. For some it is like a constant flow of obstacles and boundaries left and right. That’s how is has been for me. In just the past ten years, I have gone through my parent’s repugnant divorce, and then both of the remarrying which added six new siblings to the two that I already had; my mom being in a head on collision, breaking everything from the hips down; my sister almost dying from an eating disorder; my brother being raped by my cousin; my mother is going through a second divorce, and now is in the process of adopting my other cousin whom was born with opioids in her system. At seventeen years old, I had to get a job the help financially support my single, disabled mother. All of …show more content…
My parents took her to the doctor and they told her if she didn’t get back to a healthy state, her body was going to start eating away the fat around her organs which could potently kill her. For about a year, she had to go to weekly counseling and doctor appointments to make sure she kept up with her eating and stop cutting. I had to watch my sister go through this. Growing up, my sister was my whole world, my role model, and my best friend. To watch her go through this was devastating because I just wanted her to see how important she was to me and how she was so beautiful. Once she got better I promised myself that I would always be there for those in need because sometimes you just need somebody to cry to and I wish I could have been that for her. Not long after that, we found out my younger brother at the age of 10, was raped by my cousin. We had our cousins staying with us temporarily because my aunt gave birth to one of my other cousins who was born with drugs in her system and CPS wouldn’t allow her to have any of her kids. My brother and my cousin shared a bunk-bed and we came to discover that my cousin had repeatedly raped and touched my brother and made him swear not to tell anybody but when my brother got hurt from it, he came to my mom. My dad blamed me saying “I should have kept an eye out on your brother.” I hated myself because I started to agree …show more content…
My mom obliged to those wishes. On top of that, she is in the process of adopting my two year old cousin who was born with opioids in her system. My soon to be sister is already starting to show problems with speech and hearing and it is expected that once she grows older, more problems are going to arise. My mother has sacrificed so much when she has so little to help those around her and to keep her loved ones happy. To help my mom in her time of need, I searched for a job so that I could help finically support her and so she wouldn’t be doing everything on her own.
I had to grow up and mature at a really young age and all of these things have help shape me into the woman I am today. I have had to make my own sacrifices to be able to help and be there for the ones I cared for most. My life has been quite eventful but I don’t let it bring me down. I have learned to grow from the past and to move forward with life. Every single person has issues that they have to face throughout their life but it is what we decide to do with our experiences that shape and form who we become in

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