The Importance Of Gun Control

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Register to read the introduction… Criminals may also use other weapons, including knifes. Also, many people obtain guns from stealing it from another person, or buying it off a citizen who are unknowledgeable or uncaring for the law, or the temperament of the buyer. Many people that have criminal records will go to black mark to buy there illegal guns. When people think of guns, all they think about is the school shootings that have occurred over the past decade or two. Those events are just unfortunate, but in reality those kids who killed all those people did not purchase the gun, they stole it. So banning any deadly weapons would not reduce crime. It will actually give criminals an advantage to commit murder or steal because they know that we do not have guns to protect ourselves. I think keeping guns will be a good decision so people can protect themselves and people in …show more content…
The Bill of Rights was written to protect our rights as people and keep the government from infringing upon us. The right to bear arms is a part of the 2nd Amendment in the United States Constitution. What it means is that you have the right to protect your life, liberty, and property. It also gives you the freedom of choice to own a weapon if one chooses to exercise that right, provided that the weapon is registered. Our Forefathers wanted us to be able to protect ourselves lawfully rather than having to depend on the government for protection. “When you remove the people’s right to bear arms, you create slaves” (Protecting our rights to keep and bear arms, …show more content…
It allows the government and the people that are governed by the government to maintain a balance of power. The people should never fear the government because of the disadvantage of owning weapons. In the 2nd Amendment, we are allowed to protect ourselves from tyranny in the government by our right to bear arms.
Every individual have the right to hand guns for self-defense. We are not allowed to purchase fully automatic weapons, only assault weapons that fire only one shot at a time when the trigger is pulled, such as, hand guns, revolvers, shot guns, rifles, and all other types of firearms. I think this is a good idea to ban these types of weapons because they are the choice of weapons for most law breakers. This ban prevents some individuals that are mentally incompetent from just running up into a school and taking out the entire campus is less than a minute.
I believe having a gun control will be a bad idea, taking guns away from the citizens doesn’t make America safer it’s going to make it more violent. It’s going to be easier for the bad people to attack us knowing we have no guns to protect our self. Guns are used 2.5 million times a years in self defense. The 2nd amendment of the constitution gave us the right to own guns. Enough said gun controls are bad for Americans citizens of the United

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