The Importance Of Giving Up A Sense Essay

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Giving Up a Sense

Out of the five senses, sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch, I would choose to give up smell. Giving up smell also includes giving up taste. Although I love the taste of food, or the smell of the different seasons, I feel that smell and taste are the senses that I least need and will make less of an impact on my daily life, rather than if I took one of the other senses away. Being able to not go out with friends and enjoy food, or discuss how something tastes would be hard to give up. Food, and the smell of food is great, but I would be giving up way more experiences if I were to give up any of the other senses. Also, not being able to smell certain places or people would be hard to give up also. Especially when I feel that a lot of smells bring back certain memories and times of my life. Smell and taste are senses that are very helpful and sometimes pleasurable, but are not as essential as the other senses for day to day survival.

A sense that I would never want to lose would be the ability to see. There would have many struggles and complications that come with not being able to see and it would be very hard to adjust to if I had gone from being able to see to blind. Sight is a sense that you use for almost everything. From being able to see where you are walking, to being able to see hazardous situations. It would also take away from being able to see some amazing and beautiful experiences that the world has to offer. Not only would I be…

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