Summary: The Benefits Of Parenting

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boys, as this increases vocabulary and verbal skills. This expressive speech also helps boys develop and regulate emotions, which has previously been viewed as a feminine structure but actually has great benefits for men. Pollack also suggests that boys should be encouraged to play with pets and animals as this helps encourage the development of emotion. Contrarily, girls should be involved with conversations that include science and math. They should also be allowed the option to play with LEGO blocks, Lincoln Logs, and other similar toys to help develop spatial skills.
An androgynous raised child is far more equipped and prepped for a successful future than a child with a narrow, stereotyped belief of gender, and androgynous parenting is a key proponent. This androgynous, or gender stereotypical-free, based parenting has been proven to be more beneficial to children than traditional parenting styles that demonstrate outdated
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Fortunately, the feminist movement has been pushing for gender equality and stereotype free schooling and business since the late 1960s. Feminists have pressured toy stores and restaurants with great success. Many stores have recently removed the “boy” and “girl” section for toys and clothing, instead sorting it by subject, eliminating the stigma that boys can not use dolls or wear dresses and girls can not play with monster trucks (Cochrane). This healthier, more open ideology on gender’s determination of children’s toys has been incredibly successful and positively influenced many children. One especially celebrated victory involved McDonalds’ famous Happy Meals. In the past, the toy in the Happy Meal was random and given to kids based on their gender; however, new company policy now allows the child to choose from a selection of toys regardless of his or her

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