Video Game Analysis

Living in a complex modern world, people need to adapt the flexible and relevant skills and knowledge necessary to prepare them for the changing society. However, Yang, a professor from Institute of Education & Center for Teacher Education in National Cheng Kung University, has claimed that our traditional learning did not fully satisfy the needs when dealing with many diversified real-world situations (Yang 2014). Simulations or games can provide the potential when talking in terms of academic learnings and employment settings. Just like everyone else, many people consider gaming is a type of entertainment. But in fact, it is an “edutainment,” meaning that it has the potential to become an educational tools (Paraskeva 2009). Games can be life changing, they are not just pure pleasures or entertainments but also tools that can truly help with your life achievement. Although some seems to disagree, many experimental results and scholarly researches have showed that gaming concepts can be apply to and be beneficial to one’s academic success.
Game as a problem solving platform
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They have to do with things like the environment, the economy, global immigration and science where students are trying to understand how many complex variables interact in a very complex way with each other” (Gee 2013). In order to solve these complex problems, students are required to truly understand the system. In doing so, critical thinking and deep learning are worth emphasize. A study indicated that an emphasis on critical thinking skills was an important contributor to students ' development of a professional perspective (Yang 2014). However, the materials they learned in school can only last about a year if they don’t use them very often. Paraskeva claimed that in game knowledge and skills aren’t the same. They are more likely to become automatized and consolidated in

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