The Importance Of Friendship: Influence In My Life

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Friendship is exceedingly important to me and has been an immense influence on me and my life. The way it has impacted me has changed dramatically, starting in fourth grade when I got into Quest, the advanced program in my school district. In fourth and fifth grade I made friends with most of the other kids in Quest. We were all pretty close. We hung out all the time. At recess the entire class played capture the flag together, apart from the rest of the classes in our school. We always stuck up for each other. We were like a family. The changes and continuities with my relationships have sculpted my outlook on friendship and how I feel about my friends.
In sixth grade, however, I was cyber bullied by one of the other girls in Quest. This
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One thing was my best friend. I met her in third grade and she is still my best friend today. Our friendship is exceptionally strong and she can help me through anything. In middle school, she was there for me during my insecurity and encouraged me to keep being myself even though I felt judged for it. We both went to different schools until ninth grade, but even when we were finally both at Eastlake we only had once class together, and different lunches. Another continuity was that I was always being myself. Even though I felt awkward and different in Quest, I never altered my personality for them. My opinions, attitude, and character didn’t change to meet anyone’s expectations. They stayed constant when I came to Eastlake and when I was trying to make new friends. I tried to befriend people who were like me instead of changing myself to be like others. The third thing that stayed the same was that I stayed friends with two girls I met in fourth grade when I first started quest. When I was cyber bullied, insecure in middle school, and alone in high school, they were there for me to talk to. They were the two people that helped me survive Quest. They were a little bit like me. The three of us were different from the rest of the Quest students, and we were similar in that way, so we all stuck together. We still meet up with each other sometimes and text each other often. These perpetual parts of my life have encouraged me and made me feel alright through

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