Using Games In The Classroom Analysis

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When learning a foreign language, development begins with the interaction between the teacher and child. Attracting a child to a foreign culture though nursery rhymes, games, signs, drawing and other activities, target the child’s language skills, which are mostly repetitive, working towards developing a child’s personal qualities such as curiosity, empathy, communication and collaboration. “Receptive language skills are essential for comprehension and following instructions. Children of this age understand more than they can express and word vocabulary ranges between 5000-20,000 words. Children are carrying out a series of 3 part directions as well as understanding rhymes. Children of this age commonly become interested in Dr Seuss books. They are able to comprehend jokes and enjoy jokes and riddles. Children, due to improved pragmatic skills (social competence with language skills), are able to understand the difference between being asked and being told to do something.” (Barrington, 2014). Play helps to develop processes such as attention, imagination, thinking perception, visual …show more content…
Games create a relaxing atmosphere in the classroom and have shown to have advantages and effectiveness in learning vocabulary. Playing games brings relaxation and fun to the classroom which helps young learners retain new words more easily. Most games involve friendly competition and keep young learners interested thus creating motivation for young learners to become actively involved in learning activities “vocabulary games bring real world context into the classroom, and enhance students' use of English in a flexible, communicative way.” (Huyen, 2003). Games can be used as a key tool in the classroom when teaching young learners, to achieve the most form games in the classroom teachers should select suitable, relevant games and should take in to account the cultural context, topic, number of students and proficiency level of the specific

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